Portio Creaturae Tuae Conference

A Graduate Theology Student Conference for Villanova Students  

“A little part of your creation…” –Confessions 1.1.1

The Portio Creaturae Tuae (PCT) Conference is held every Fall semester at Villanova University for current graduate theology students. Sponsored by the GTSC, the PCT Conference imitates professional conferences in form and intellectual quality, but limits participation to Villanova’s graduate theology department to promote a constructive environment of communal scholarship.

Papers dealing with all theological subjects are considered for presentation. Submissions usually arise from term papers written for Villanova Graduate Theology classes.

Conferences are followed by a wine and cheese reception, or include lunch.

Next Conference (Fall 2014):
Thursday, November 13th in SAC 300 from 10 am – 12 pm

Lunch is provided.


Carl Vennerstrom: “A Baptismal Reading of Two Pericopes in Matthew 8”

Michael Santos: “The Iconography of Buddy Christ”

Daniel Holmes: “Expanding the Mythic Metaphor in Buber and Barfield: Approaching a Phenomenology of Poetic Diction”

Michael Hagan: “Mytics, Matthew and Self-Abandonment”

How to submit a paper for consideration to a PCT Conference:

1) Write a 100-200 word abstract of your paper.

2) E-mail your abstract and paper title to the Professional Development Chair.

3) The Professional Development Chair will contact you with a decision 1-2 weeks after the Call for Papers closes.

Previous PCT Conferences:

Fall 2013: Nov 11

Fall 2012: November 29

Steven Chaffee, “Incarnation and Deconstruction: What has Derrida to do with Christ?”

Kenneth Fleischer, “The Binding of Isaac: Teleological Suspension of the Ethical–Really?”

Spring 2012: February 2

Michael Fatigati, “From Moses to Scotus: The Emerging Role of Univocity in Scientific Theology”

Cabrini Pak, “Catherine of Siena’s Soteriology: A Paternal Perspective”

Luke Pigott, “Ethics at Barmen: Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Views on War and the Aryan Paragraph in the Midst of the Development of the Confessing Church”

Richard Pugh, “A Spirituality of Speaking: The Voice of Lay Ecclesial Ministry”

 Fall 2011: September 30

Kenneth P. Fleischer, “The Beatitudes of the Apocalypse of John”

Patrick O’Kernick, “Matter is Metaphor is Spirit: A Provocative Study of Matter from Medieval Angelology to Contemporary Poetics”

Spring 2011: February 18

Carl Vater, “Impassibilis Deus Patietur et Morietur: St. Thomas on the Cries of the Crucified One”

Jeffrey Mayer, “Kenotic Knowledge is Power: A Dialogue Between Mystical Theology and Christian Pacifism”


8 thoughts on “Portio Creaturae Tuae Conference”

  1. Alvin J. Figueroa said:

    Sunday, February 2,2012??? That Sunday is the 5th, not the 2nd.

  2. Oops! You’re right, the next conference is scheduled for THURSDAY, Feb. 2. Thanks for catching that!

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