About the GTSC

The Graduate Theology Student Committee (GTSC) is an initiative of Villanova theology graduate students with a common interest to serve the needs of our student body by creating a community outside of the classroom and organizing academic, social, service, and worship opportunities.

Spiritual Life: The spiritual life chairpersons serve the graduate community by organizing times for prayer and reflection throughout the year.  Initiatives from last year included organizing weekly centering prayer and Rosary groups.  Chairpersons also partnered with the OMM interns to organize an Advent Day of Reflection and the overnight Graduate Theology Retreat in April.

2014-2015 Chair: Michael Hagan, Annamarie Benson and Daniel Holmes

Professional Development: The professional development chairpersons serve the graduate community by arranging and promoting opportunities that will help students prepare for future professional experiences either within or outside of academia.  Initiatives from last year included the semi-annual theology department student conference (‘Portio Creaturae Tuae’), as well as the advertising of important conferences and lectures being offered in the area.  Chairpersons also worked to earn graduate students exclusive access to faculty-only luncheons and conferences with visiting professors from other universities.

2014-2015 Chair: Eric Demeuse and Carl Vennerstrom

Justice & Service: The justice and service chairpersons serve the graduate community by coordinating and advertising service opportunities for students both on and off campus.  Initiatives from last year included participation in the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service in the fall and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in January.

2014-2015 Chair: Michael Santos and Barb Donnini

Cultural & Social Life: The culture and social life chairpersons serve the graduate community by organizing and advertising social, artistic, recreational, intellectual, and musical opportunities on campus and in the Philadelphia area.  Initiatives from last year included a semester Film Series in the fall and spring, and regular parties or happy hours to build community among the department.

2014-2015 Chair: Kristin Williams and Mariana Flores

Interns for the Office of Mission & Ministry and the Department of Theology & Religious Studies: These chairpersons serve the graduate community by maintaining communication between the GTSC and the OMM, Campus Ministry, the Graduate Student Council, and other University organizations.  They work with the spirituality chairpersons to coordinate days of reflection and annual retreats, and take care of the graduate monthly Masses held on the first Tuesday of the month in Corr Chapel.  They also manage the GTSC blog and coordinate communications throughout the department.

2014 – 2015 Chairs: Kristin Williams and Charles Howard

Special thanks to all of our alumni who have served on the GTSC:

Class of 2014

Dan Madden (chair), Kaley Hawk (socials), Manisha Divecha (socials), Scott Grapin (spirituality), Cisco Fernandez (service), Ben Winter (professional)

Class of 2013

Matt Riddle, Charlie Johnson, Luke Pigott, AJ Debonis, Lauren Joyce

Class of 2012

Kristyn Russell, Siobhan Riley, Carrie Roberts, Andrew Thompson-Briggs, Michelle Sherman

Class of 2011

Laura Fiscus, Rachel Kondro, John Labuda, and James Porter

Class of 2010

Rena Black, Lindsay Myers, Lawrence Rozanski, Jessica Stewart, and Mark Westmoreland


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