What to keep on your calendar:

Our Advent retreat will take place Saturday, December 5th, from 9am-3pm at Corr Lobby. We hope that you can join us for a day of prayer and reflection!

This Week Day by Day:

Monday, November 9th

Kierkegaard Meeting – 4pm at the Theology Lounge (SAC 203) with Jacob Given.

Tuesday, November 10th

Centering Prayer – 12:45pm -1:15pm at St. Rita’s community room.

Theology on Tap – 8pm at Flip & Bailey’s in Rosemont.

Wednesday, November 11th

Latin Lunch – 12pm at the Theology Lounge (SAC 203) with Carl Vennestrom.

The Spiritual Legacy of Thomas Merton – 12pm at Connelly Center, St. David’s Room.

Water is Thicker Than Blood: Adoption, Social Justice, & Catholic Teaching about Families – 4pm at Driscoll Hall Auditorium.

World Prayers – 5pm at the Devon Room in Connelly Center.

Thursday, November 12th

Centering Prayer – 12:45pm – 1:15pm at St. Rita’s community room.

My Neighbor’s Faith: A Conversation with Dr. Kerry SanChirico – 1pm at Falvey Library, Room 204.

Seeking Space –  5pm in the Fishbowl (Tracy Lounge) at St. Rita’s Hall.

Friday, November 13th

Portia Creaturae Tuae (PCT) Conference – 10am-1pm at Falvey Library, Room 205.

Qigong Mindfulness Meditation – 12pm – 1pm at St. Rita’s community room.

Blood, Skin, and the Curious Case of Moses’s Wife – 1:30pm-3pm at Corr Hall, Room 103.

Howl @ the Moon – 5pm in Philadelphia. Email Mariana Flores for more information.

Saturday, November 14th

Spanish Mass – 5:30pm at Corr Chapel.