• Dies Academicus: Dan and Ben present their theses with wine and cheese reception following – this Tuesday at 4, Room 205 Library.
  • Poetry for Prayer:  Love-mischief & more, poems from Hafiz. Going overboard Friday at 1, Theology lounge.

What to Look Forward To:

  • The Center for Church Management and Business Ethics at Villanova is sponsoring a one day conference on the Catholic Parish in the Twenty-first Century (Tuesday March 4th). Registration is free for Villanova graduate students. Check out the website and contact Dr. Jim Gallo at to sign up.
  • The Apocalypse begins the playoffs after break, March 10th, at 9PM.
  • Stations of the Cross on Wednesday March 12th at 7PM in the Church.
  • Spring Retreat April 4-6 “The Joy of Our Faith”

This Week:

Tuesday, Feb 25th

Big Tuesday Line-Up:

  1. Come out to Dies Academicus at 4PM and support Dan and Ben as they discuss their theses. Wine and cheese following. Falvey Library Room 205.
  2. Also in Falvey 205, gather for “The Worship of the Ancient Golden Calf Has Returned” as part of the Evangelii Gaudium lectures.
  3. Then, the night cap, literally, with Theology on Tap’s “The Eucharist, a substantial change” by Dr. Kathryn Getek Soltis at 8PM, Bryn Mawr Beef and Ale. Sounds like something all the students in Dr. Brunk’s class should get extra credit for 🙂

Wednesday, Feb 26th

Latin Lunch, 1PM in Old Falvey Graduate Student Lounge–join us!

Share and reflect on Images of God at Soul Sessions – 1PM in Campus Ministry Room 113 (note date/time change)

Friday, Feb 28th

Poetry for Prayer, 1PM, Theology lounge: poems from Hafiz