• Graduate Student Mass this Thursday at the 5:30 mass
  • Dies Academicus (trans. The Day of Reckoning) – Dan and Ben present their theses with wine and cheese reception following (Feb 25th at 4PM)
  • Spring Retreat April 4-6 “The Joy of Our Faith”

This Week Day by Day:

Monday, Feb 17th

“How can Jesus be both an ‘Authentic Son of Israel’ and the ‘Universal Savior?'” by renowned scholar of Jewish-Christian Studies (but most importantly from Mat’s alma mater!), Dr. Philip Cunningham, at 4 pm in SAC 300.

Tuesday, Feb 18th

“Where Sports and Spirituality Meet” by Theology professor Ed Hastings for the next installment of Theology On-Tap; and, as always, at 8PM, Bryn Mawr Beef and Ale.

Wednesday, Feb 19th

Jesus In Islam – “What the Qur’an Says About Jesus” talk and discussion at 11:15 in St. Rita Community Room.

Latin Lunch, 1PM in Old Falvey Graduate Student Lounge–join us!

If you are interested in getting a second masters, or if for some godforsaken reason you want to transfer, there is a representative from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California coming to our Theology Department from 3:30-5:00PM to talk with students who might be interested in learning more the school. And if you want for info about the fine state of California, talk to Mary or Sunshine. Michael Hagan will be there to collect another free folder from a school he doesn’t attend.

Thursday, Feb 20th

Graduate Student Mass at 5:30 in Corr

Lecture by Dr. Eric Saak – Feb. 20, 2014 at 4:30 in Bartley 1011.
“Augustine’s Church—Past and Present” What is the Church? What is Augustine’s response? His answer can be found in The City of God and in what he wrote against the Donatists – an answer largely forgotten or even dismissed today. His view is tied to issues that may seem unpalatable (predestination and sin) and controversial (creation). But to listen to his apparent pessimism will lead to an understanding of the present-day relevance of his understanding of Church.

Dr. Robert Wicks, Psychologist and Spiritual Writer, speaking on “Riding The Dragon” Strengthening Your Inner Life in Challenging Times; 7PM St. Thomas of Villanova Church.