Join us for the Graduate Student Mass on Tuesday January 21st, as we celebrate together the liturgy every third Tuesday of the month.

Forum on Evangelii Gaudium with Theology professors Dr. Beyer and Dr. Wall on January 28th, 4:30PM, Radnor/St. David’s Room (Connelly Center)

A Message from The Right Ir-reverend, Mr. Michael J. Santos, B.A:


I have been commissioned by Dr. Walsh to begin orchestrating this years Graduate Student Conference entitled “Faith and Culture: Theologians of the Future in Dialogue.”  Our collective task will be to come up with a more nuanced theme for the conference (which will hopefully take place in late April).  Do me a favor and put your thinking caps on.  Think of a project you’ve done and enjoyed or perhaps a topic you’ve wanted to explore more.  This will provide a good baseline for coming up with the theme.
In addition to helping come up with a theme for the conference, begin thinking if/what you would like to present.  The Call for Papers will be going out after we have a theme.
In 2012, there was only one Villanova student who presented at the conference.  The rest were from schools such as UVA, U of Dayton, Syracuse and Boston University.  In short, this conference is a big deal.  It’s an opportunity to really practice flexing our academic muscle in a rich, diverse, professional setting.
Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and have some damn fun doing so.
Michael Santos

This Week Day by Day:

Monday, Jan 13th

The beginning of classes for many, while some of us have decided to take this semester off in order to maximize time spent couponing for this year’s Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, Jan 14th

Join us for Rosary at 5PM in Corr Chapel.

Thursday, Jan 16th

Former CEO of Costco speaks on implementing Catholic social teaching in his work. Lecture, “Costco: The First Thirty Years” at 4:30 in the Connelly Cinema. Sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry.

Friday, Jan 17th

If, on this beautiful Friday (high of 43°!), you find yourself looking for Michael Hagan, I suspect he’ll be at the closest Subway, celebrating JanuANY’s 5 dollar deals.