Greetings, bookworms!

If you like books, people, and warm drinks then this is the group for you! We are starting a book club amongst the graduate theology students. We will meet every month or so next semester at cozy off-campus locations such as Eric Demeuse’s apartment, drink some tea (maybe crackers), and chat about our literary experiences together! Hopefully this will be a great way to relax and spend time together. Spouses are more than welcome, as long as they are literate.

The GTSC has chosen “Death Comes for the Archbishop” as our first book! Check it out on amazon (link below) for the raving reviews.

By revealing the book NOW, you have two options.

1. Read the book over break, that way you don’t have to read during the semester but you can still be up on your game for our classy meetings.
2. Read it throughout the semester, you need a break from all those theological books, anyhow!

I will personally be getting this version, but I would imagine any version (kindle included) would work fine.

So please let me know if you’re interested ( so I can add you to the mailing list and keep you in the loop. A few of us will set a tentative schedule for the semester and let you know as soon as we do!

Also – I would recommend checking out this video if you’re still on the fence.

See you in New Mexico!

Michael Hagan


If you’ve made this far, you might as well keep reading. For some other news:

Our Mother of Good Counsel in Bryn Mawr is having an Advent Penance Service at 7:30PM on Tuesday. Fr. Denny will be leading the service and several other Augustinians will be hearing confessions.

And if you still need Christmas present ideas, here are some last minute options, particularly if Mike is no longer taking orders for Beanies:

1. Leftover Yuengling from the Advent party – must ask Joan
2. Mary’s old cellphone
3. An autographed copy of Scott’s Lectio and Taize Advent Retreat program
4. The department Christmas tree with tissue paper snow flakes, Kit Kat bars, and Austin’s headphones – decorated by Eric
5. A dinner with Dan