Main Events:

Theology Department Opening Prayer Service – please join us to welcome in the new school year in prayer and thanksgiving on Tuesday September 3rd at 4:00pm in Corr Chapel. A reception with wine and cheese will follow in the lobby across from the chapel. If you would like to participate as a reader or musician, please email Daniel Madden at We would really appreciate it!

Intramural Soccer – If you would like to join the theology co-ed soccer team, email Daniel Madden for a waiver as soon as possible because the waivers need to be in by Sept 2nd. Even if you have no experience (like the rest of us), this’ll be a fun time. And we need all the people we can get! The games are on campus during the week in the evening. And some may even go into the night, with us out under the lights of the turf field, and 80,000 screaming fans, waving flags and setting off flares.

What to keep on your schedule:

St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service – this is an outstanding opportunity to work together and spend a day serving the community around us. The actual event is Saturday September 28th but it’s never to early to sign up here. Search for “Theology Graduate Students” under the group list. If our group isn’t listed yet, it should be processed by Monday afternoon, hopefully. You can find more info about the day here. Family and significant others are also welcome to participate.

Graduate Student Monthly Mass – Tuesday September 17th at the daily 5:30 mass in Corr Chapel. The rest of the semester masses are October 8th, November 19th, and December 10th.

This Week day by day:

Monday, Aug 26th

First day of classes – welcome back to all those returning. And good luck to all the new students as they begin their graduate theology career!

Tuesday, Aug 27th

All are welcome to join in contemplative prayer for 25 minutes on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 in the St. Rita Community Room in Campus Ministry. Contact with questions.

Feast Day of St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine.

Wednesday, Aug 28th

Feast Day of St Augustine, the son of St. Monica. . . as well as the man from whom our university bears its tradition. The campus is celebrating the day with a mass at 12:05 in the church with gelato and drinks following in the Cafe Nova.
Learn more about him and his mother here (and find out what he’s the patron saint of!). And then check out the heritage and mission of Villanova for how the university has carried on the life of its father.

Thursday, Aug 29th

Friday, Aug 30th

Saturday, Aug 31st

Sunday, September 1st

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and lectures sponsored by other departments that will begin in the next couple weeks.