Dear Graduate Students,

It’s Colloquium Week!  Get excited!

Non-Academic Opportunities:

Graduate Monthly Mass. Tuesday 10/2 at 5:30pm in Corr Chapel, with an optional Rosary preceding at 5:00pm.  All are welcome.  Email to get involved.

First-Year Coffee Break. Thursday 10/4 at 3:00pm in St. Rita’s Chapel, attached to Campus Ministry.  All first-years welcome, details below.*

Academic Opportunities/ Requirements:

October 1st @ 4:30 pm, Writing Workshop, Sac 210. This workshop is compulsory for first year students. Other students are also welcome.

October 2nd @ 2:00 pm, Preparing for Comps Workshop, SAC 210. This workshop will be led by Dr. Spitaler and is advised for students taking comprehensive exams this year.  Other students are also welcome.

October 2nd @ 4:00 pm, Ph.D. Workshop, Theology Department Conference Room. This workshop is optional, but strongly suggested for those students who anticipate continuing their graduate education.

October 3rd @ 4:30 pm, Library Workshop, Falvey Library (exact location TBA). This workshop is compulsory for first years students. Other students are also welcome.

October 4th @ 4:30 pm, Graduate Colloquium, Falvey Library Rm. 205. This event is compulsory for ALL students- we received an email with required readings from Dr. Spitaler on 9/30/12.  Please locate that email and prepare appropriately for discussion.  Event details below.**

* First Year Coffee Break is designed to give first-year students a time and space (and some coffee) to reflect upon the progress of the year so far.  How has Villanova changed, met, or fell short of your expectations?  How are your classes going?  What sort of support do you think you will need to survive the semester?  This is a professor-free “safe” space to share, vent, and refresh your spirit for the rest of the semester!  Second Year students are welcome to come and help facilitate the conversation and share encouragement.  Location: St. Rita’s chapel, attached to the Campus Ministry building.

** Villanova’s Graduate ‘Integrative Colloquium.’ October 4th, 4:30- 7:15, Falvey Library.  Held each fall, this colloquium aims to (a) practice and facilitate unitas, the integration, or synthesis, of knowledge in the midst of a community of learners; (b) facilitate and advance academic dialogue among students and faculty; and (c) demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of theological inquiry in the Augustinian Tradition.  All faculty teaching, and all students enrolled in, graduate courses participate in the Colloquium.  Student participation is a course requirement.  We will conclude this important event with a wine and cheese reception.