• Student Back-to-School Party: Thursday Aug 30th, 8pm at AJ DeBonis’s house.  A caravan will be meeting in the department office around 7:30pm and then driving to the house in Ardmore.  All students welcome, old and new!  Please bring a beverage, snack, or dessert to share.  Significant others welcome, too!  Email questions to AJ at
  • Opening Prayer Service  for the Graduate Theology Department: Thursday Sept 6th, 4pm in Corr Chapel.  Please join us for an Ecumenical prayer service to open the year, followed by a wine and cheese reception.  Email questions to Lauren at
  • St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service: Saturday Sept 22nd, all day.  Volunteers needed to serve our brothers and sisters throughout the Philadelphia area.  Buses will take us from campus to the work site and then back to Villanova again at the end of the day.  This is a great way to get to know other faculty and students in the department!  Email questions to Luke at


This Week!

Monday, August 27th

  • Happy Feast of St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine!

Tuesday, August 28th

  • Happy Feast of St. Augustine!!!

Wednesday, August 29th

Thursday, August 30th

  • Student Back-to-School party, details above!

Friday, August 31st

Saturday, September 1st

Sunday, September 2nd


Mark Your Calendar:

The first fall “Ethics for Lunch” program will be held on Tuesday, September 18th from 11:30- 1:00.  Scott Newbert, Villanova professor of Management and Operations, will discuss “Achieving Capitalism Through Entrepreneurial Justice.”  St. Augustine Room 300.  Bring your own lunch, drinks and dessert provided.  For questions, contact Dr. Selin Gursozlu at

Graduate A&S Welcome Back Meeting and Reception.  Wednesday, September 5th, 3-5pm in the Villanova Room in the Connelly Center.  Hosted by Dean Jean Ann Linney, RSVP required by August 31st.


Upcoming Conferences:

Reconsiderations IV: A Conference on the Thought and Legacy of Augustine of Hippo. Augustine: Ancient Inspiration, Modern Muse. September 13th- 15th. Reconsiderations IV will look at Augustine in his time and beyond: what is there about his life and thought that has so often been accepted as a guide through cultural change?  How does he end up having an impact on the self-images of ages other than his own?  Those who have claimed him as mentor include renaissance figures, philosophers, theologians, educators and political theorists.  His resurgence today- whether recognized as acceptable or not- requires inside into his life and thoughts and an appreciation of the intervening history.  This conference is sponsored by the Augustinian Institute at Villanova.  More info and registration online here.

Villanova’s Graduate ‘Integrative Coloquium.’ October 4th, 4:30- 7:15, Falvey Library with Prof. Mary Hines, Emmanuel College, Boston.  Held each fall, this colloquium aims to  (a) practice and facilitate unitas, the integration, or synthesis, of knowledge in the midst of a community of learners; (b) facilitate and advance academic dialogue among students and faculty; and (c) demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of theological inquiry in the Augustinian Tradition.  All faculty teaching, and all students enrolled in, graduate courses participate in the Colloquium. Please note that student participation in the Colloquium is a course requirement. The Colloquium is the only class-event in the Graduate Program during the week of the Colloquium (that is, it substitutes for regular classes). We will conclude this important academic event with a wine and cheese reception.