Monday, 2/21

  • President’s Day!

Tuesday, 2/22

  • Resume Writing Workshop: 3-4 PM (VU Career Center) No registration required.
  • Faith and Academics discussion: 6-8pm (Dept) Come and discuss how you faith and academic lives have influenced one another.

Thursday, 2/24

  • Interviewing Workshop: 3-4 PM (VU Career Center) No registration required.
  • Weekly Bible Study!: 1:00-2:00pm (SAC 310) Come join a discussion on next week’s Gospel Reading, found here: http://www.usccb.org/nab/022711.shtml  . Bible Studies are facilitated by Kathy Overturf from Campus Ministry and Dr. Paul Danove of the Theology department.
  • Faith and Academics discussion: 6-8pm (Dept) Come and discuss how you faith and academic lives have influenced one another. CANCELLED

Friday, 2/25

  • Brideshead Revisited Viewing Group: 6-8 PM (Peace & Justice Classroom, Corr Hall) The wait is over! Join us for the first installment of the exquisite British television adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s masterpiece about the operation of grace in 1920s-40s England. Both novel and TV serial are deeply concerned with the theology and phenomenology of Roman Catholicism, particularly such themes as aesthetics, vocation, apostasy, conversion, sexuality, class structure, and education. Waugh wrote: “the whole thing is steeped in theology, but. . . the theologians won’t recognise it.” Perhaps we can prove him wrong. This week, we will watch and discuss the first episode, “Et in arcadia ego” (100 mins.): “In the spring of 1944, disillusioned Army captain Charles Ryder is moving his company to a new Brigade Headquarters at a secret location he discovers is Brideshead, once home to the Marchmain family and the scene of both pleasant and anguished visits for the younger Charles. Seeing the house for the first time in many years prompts a recollection of Charles’ first meeting with Lord Sebastian Flyte, the Marchmains’ younger son, at Oxford University in 1922, and the rest of the narrative flashes back to that time forward. At Oxford, two young men quickly bond and, although his cousin warns him to avoid Sebastian and his inner circle of friends, Charles is fascinated by them, particularly flamboyantly foppish Anthony Blanche. Short on funds, Charles finds himself fitfully spending the summer holidays in London with his indifferent and rigid father Edward until an urgent message from Sebastian sends him to Brideshead, where Charles is introduced to a world of wealth and privilege dominated by a powerful devotion to Catholicism.” (Wikipedia) Read about the 11-part serial here. More information about the novel may be found here.

Saturday, 2/26

  • Spring Break Begins! Please enjoy, and remember that there will be no evening Masses in the Church this Sunday. See you in March!



  • Catholic Social Teaching Conference: March 21-22, 2011. Keynote speaker will be Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. More information can be found Here!
  • Busy Person’s Retreat: March 20-23rd, 2011.
  • “Scripture for Lent” Prayer Group: Beginning in April, we will be spending time together on Monday and Wednesday afternoons in the CPJE classroom (first floor, Corr Hall), breaking open the WORD with Richard Rohr’s Wonderous Encounters: Scripture for Lent reflections.  Stay tuned for more details!