Thursday, 2/10

  • Weekly Bible Study!: 1:00-2:00pm (SAC 310) Come join a discussion on next week’s Gospel Reading, found here: http://www.usccb.org/nab/021311.shtml . Bible Studies are facilitated by Dr. Paul Danove of the Theology department.

Are you employed by VU (as a Grad Assistant or Staff Worker) and interested in a Service Break Experience?

This week, Joanna Bowen from Campus Ministry announced that planning has begun for the Faculty/Staff service break trips. Please see information below and contact her at joanna.bowen@villanova.edu if interested.

1.      Faculty/Staff Policy:  If you are employed as a faculty/staff member, you are entitled to participate in one service break experience per year without having to take vacation time, per a policy put in place by Fr. Peter Donohue.  If you have any questions about that policy, please let me know.

2.      Service Sites:  Plans are currently being made for one International Mission Experience and one Domestic Mission Experience.

a.       International site: God’s Child Guatemala, located in Antigua, Guatemala.  This site has been booked from May 21st-May 28th, 2011 and is open to 15 people.  The cost is approximately $1000 and is all inclusive.  More information can be found at their website: www.godschild.org. This experience will be led by myself and Lori Blake, in Student Development.

b.      Domestic site:  I am still in the process of booking a Domestic site in the Philadelphia/Camden area for a week in June.  Costs will not exceed $300 and will include lodging, meals, and transportation.

3. Contact List: I am compiling a list of interested individuals.   Please let Joanna (joanna.bowen@villanova.edu) know if you would be interested in a domestic or international experience.

4. Timeline: I am hoping to have plans finalized by Spring Break and will be releasing an informal application at that time so that I can begin to register interested individuals!

Coming Soon

February 22 and 24: The first year students last semester had a discussion about how their faith and study of theology academically have influenced one another and from the feed back we received these discussions went well.  We will be holding two similar discussion on the 22 and 24 of February from 6-8pm.  These times overlap both evening classes each night so that whether you have the early class or the late class you will be able to attend an hour of the discussion, so in effect it will actually be four one hour long discussions.